About us

KER LABORATORY, total and Customized Product Solutions: 

-Design, prototyping and packaging
-Formulation and patent filing
-Production and international logistics

We work from Europe providing a quick, agile and high-quality services.

Total and Customized Product Solutions

Ker Laboratory brings together two international companies, leaders in their sectors, with years of recognized professional experience, which together form a perfect team to offer the best products to their customers.


Experienced company in the retail sector with strong presence in the international market. Erum offers optimal solutions in terms of plastic injection and technology
Packaging development
Logistic solutions
We provide knowledge, trust and quality.
Experienced company in developing and manufacture health and wellness customized products.
Cotton wellness products
Nutritional supplements
We provide support during the whole process.

100% Natural Feelings

KER LABORATORY gives services and customized from design, packaging, prototyping, formulation and patent filing, to production and international logistics.

We work from Europe providing a quick, agile and high-quality service, and guaranteeing the client and final consumer the maximum security.

Ker Laboratory presence on all 5 continents

Thank to our factories and offices located all around the world we can offer services in record time since we are where our customers are.

Working from Europe, we offer the highest productive capacities and the best specialists in each project phase.

Corporate social Responsibility

At Ker Laboratory, we like to think that not only environment matters, but we also consider sustainability as a word of action. The development of sustainability contributes to customer’s satisfaction when buying our products since we have a solid commitment to society and environment.

All Ker’s product range are safe to environment and health. We are experts on manufacturing long-lasting and easy to use products that have been developed and created with safe materials and leading technology.

Our vision is to maintain the sustainable approach of the company, supporting environmental interest and social and economic values in order to satisfy the current and next generation’s expectations.

Consequently, at Ker Laboratory we are committed to:

– Ensure the compliance with the current environmental regulations and legislation.
– Reduce the environmental impact by controlling emissions, spills and waste.
– Optimize the use of natural and energy resources.
– Integrate the environmental criteria into the development of new projects.

Likewise, Ker Laboratory closely collaborates with different associations that develop solidarity initiatives or programs related to conservation of cultural heritage, among other social and cultural matters.